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Blue, Green and Brown Belts

Glenda and I were both awarded our blue belts back in August of 2005. Glenda was 7 months pregnant and did great!

After a number of months away Glenda has returned to the dojo. Within three weeks she has refreshed all of her knowledge and is taking on new techniques in preparation for her green belt test.

I was awarded my green belt in January and then my brown belt in April. In our system, Okinawa Kenpo Kobudo, there are three levels of brown belt. I am currently brown 3, the lowest level. I will spend at least a year progressing through the brown belts before I can test for first degree black belt (first dan), hopefully at the 2007 annual testing.

So far I have learned three bo kata, two sai kata, and one tonfa kata along with a large number of empty hand kata. In addition, I have learned quite a bit of ground and close quater fitting techniques. I really enjoy sparring and grappling, as well as weapons (Okinawa kobudo).

It's amazing, there is so much to learn. Our style of martial arts has a rich Okinawa Kobudo component. There are a number of other weapons that we will learn as we progress in our education.

Just when you think you are doing well you are introduced to a new technique that makes you feel like a novice again. I guess that's one of the things that makes this such a great thing to do. I have learned a lot about myself, and how I learn new things, through martial arts.