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Orange Belts

Well we've moved beyond our yellow belt and just received our orange belts. It's nice to be moving forward. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the belt system in our style of martial arts here's a primer.

White Belt - (lowest rank, where everyone begins)
Yellow Belt - 8th Kyu
Orange Belt - 7th Kyu (our current rank)
Purple Belt - 6th Kyu
Blue Belt - 5th Kyu
Green Belt - 4th Kyu
Brown 3 - 3rd Kyu
Brown 2 - 2nd Kyu
Brown 1 - 1st Kyu
Black - 1st Dan, Shodan
Black - 2nd Dan, Nidan
Black - 3rd Dan,
Black - 4th Dan,
Black - 5th Dan,
Black or Red/White Striped - 6th Dan (our instructors current rank)
Black or Red/White Checked - 7th Dan (our instructor's, instructor)
Black or Red? - 8th Dan
Black or Red? - 9th Dan

I'm not sure if there is a position of 10th Dan in our system or not.