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Birth Control for Middle School Girls!

I know the statistics. I know that five students at King Middle School in Portland, Maine recently admitted they are sexually active. I know that there were at least 17 pregnancies in Portland middle schools in the last four years. I also know that the Portland School Committee decided that the risk of middle school aged girls getting pregnant was too high and they should make birth control available. Yes, middle schoolers--who can be as young as eleven!

Sexual contact with a minor is still illegal, right? What if every time a school nurse heard about a minor who is sexually active we make the police investigate and prosecute? Well, you can forget that in Portland. Instead their solution is to hand out contraception to under age children in order prevent bad stuff from happening to children who make bad choices.

What do you think would happen if a parent wrote a letter to the middle school granting the nurse permission to give his daughter an extra snack every time she came to school with drug induced munchies, or Ibuprofen when she was hung over? I can tell you. The police would be at his door in less than an hour! How is that any different than a parent writing a letter to the school granting the nurse permission to give his minor daughter "the pill" because she's having sex, another illegal activity for a minor!

Guess what? Sex was designed to produce babies, among other things. It's a side effect of having sex. Every once in a while people having sex get pregnant. My wife and I have two kids to prove it.

Remember the kind of peer pressure that was put on people who got pregnant outside of wedlock, let alone minors that got pregnant? Remember the way they became marked as a bit of an outcast? That pressure was good! It acted as a reminder to people that they should avoid bad choices. Now we're told we should tolerate and even enable it because people are going to do it anyway so we might as well prevent bad things from happening to them. So we hand out contraception to eleven year olds in middle school while ignoring the fact that it's illegal for them to be having sex in the first place!

If we continue this kind of logic it won't be long before the state will wait in hospital rooms for babies to be born so they can whisk them off to places where they are raised by the government because there is the possibility that they might one day grow up to make a bad choice? Surely the people who think this way can't let parents actually decide how to raise their kids and perhaps even take the risk that some kids would turn out to make poor choices or that some parents would be bad parents? Heaven forbid something bad happen to people who make bad choices.

Of course the biggest losers in all this are the girls. What a travesty for the young girls who go down this road with the assistance of these deceived adults. Don't think for a second that these girls will be able to keep it a secret that they are "on the pill". And once the word is out how popular do you think they will be with the boys? This is a recipe for scarred girls. But at least the Portland School Board can rest easy knowing that they won't get pregnant. Does the Portland School Board really think that pregnancy is the worst thing that could happen to a middle school girl who is having sex?

I've got an idea. How about we use our power and influence as adults to brainwash kids into waiting until they are married before they have sex, because if they don't bad things are likely to happen.

I have to tell you, this makes my decision about where my boys will be educated even easier. Let's just say they won't be going to any Portland public schools.